Video Marketing: How to get 100,000 views on Youtube

The Ultimate Video Marketing Guide – Increasing views on your Youtube videos

This  article will allow you to make SUPERB profit generating videos in SUPER quick time. It especially works well for food digital marketing.

Watch the video first


Video seems to be one of the toughest things for businesses to master but can be the quickest thing to build if you do it right.

Now you’ve watched the video, you will have the exact strategy on how to pick your title to maximise views.

Where to publish your video to maximise publicity

And even how to make PROFITS from your video(s).

here’s a few more tips about how to increase views that I didn’t touch on in the video but will make your

Keep it simple

When I first starting recording videos, I thought I needed lots of music, imagery and professional tones.

Guess what.

I didn’t.

In fact.

I didn’t even need a microphone.

All I needed was me and a video recorder – like my phone. Oh and the tips in the video above J

How you promote your video will ALWAYS be more important than how much you spend on recording it.


Don’t over promise and under deliver

This is simple and only requires basic business acumen.

Don’t tell your viewers that your video will make them a million pounds if it won’t

Add a few words underneath the video on your website

Improvise as you record

Find your tone and stick with it

Be consistent


I tell my clients ALL THE TIME that selling online is about building relationships.

NOT about building backlinks.

If you build relationships, the backlinks will soon follow. Even better, they will be natural and long-term.

So here’s what to do.

Find someone who is recording videos about a similar subject.

See how many subscribers they have.

Start with someone who has a similar number of followers to you.

If you aim too high to begin with, they won’t be interested – unless you have an amazing sales hook that is.

That’s not to say you can’t get there but it’s always useful to grow with others together as well as reaching out to the people with millions of subscribers.


Be patient and views will increase organically

You views won’t start increasing straight away.

Selling online is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

It’s like any business, it takes a bit of time to get going.

But if you lay the foundations, the business will prosper.

It may take a bout 6-12 months before your channel racks up views in super quicki time but by implementing these tips frequently and consistently. I promise you WILL prosper.


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