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  • We’re always on the look out for brilliant content for our blog. However, we do have some strict guidelines below that you must stick to in order to be accepted.

Content Writing Guidelines

  • We will only link to highly relevant, highly informative resources from your article. Please don’t try to link to a sales page from your article as it will be rejected.
  • You must be clear on your objectives. For example, you have an article that you think would fit in nicely. Or you are a writer and would like your bio at the bottom of the article.
  • Articles must be related to the food and drink industry, and where possible, food and drink marketing. We do not accept generic articles that have simply been amended with the words ‘food and drink’
  • Blogs must be a minimum of 700 words. The longer the better.
External Linking
  • Articles must not contain more than 3 external links.
  • We only link to relevant, informative articles and will remove links that don’t adhere to this
  • We do not link to home pages of websites
  • Articles must have a summary list of any external links at the end of the content


  • Articles must be submitted in Microsoft Word format

Please note that acceptance of any guest post is made at our own discretion.

To get going, simply send us an email with your subject ideas, why you are experienced to write content targeted towards food and drink business owners.


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