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Data Analysis for Food Marketing

Understanding and Influencing consumers is a vital part of food marketing.

That’s why we use the power of digital marketing to obtain a 360° understanding of your potential and current customers.

When we hook into our knowledge of the food and drink industry as a whole it creates an unstoppable strategy for your business.

Whether you want to know how to attract more customers or increase repeat customers, our data analysis team will help.

Keeping Up With Consumer Trends

Using social media, writing content and generating traffic from search engines all have the power to create a deep understanding of consumer sentiment and values.

Master your food and drink marketing by gaining unique insights into people’s emotions or feelings toward your brand, products and personal experiences.

Polls, surveys, and even investigating search terms are just a few ways we can help you to collect important data that will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Testing & Measuring with Data Analytics

Testing & measuring is one of the oldest rules in the Marketing handbook.

Use the power of digital marketing data for your test and measure processes to maximise revenues.

Whether it’s understanding customers who interact with your business or identifying sales bottlenecks, we will turn all your data into meaningful information. So, you can make decisions that will drive growth faster and with less stress.

Content to Educate Customers

Educational content is one of the fastest ways to build trust and generate sales online.

You might want to educate on how to make the best dietary choices, how to use your product in recipes, or even how to cook, brew or store your products.

We will make sure you have creative content that both educates and converts. We can create fun and witty content or well researched articles in line with your brand image.

Blog Content, email marketing, social media and videos are all perfect media options for educating customers about your products.

Let us help to turn your education into direct leads sales and track the success of each.

Content Marketing for varied markets

It’s not unusual for food and drink businesses to be targeting different market segments at the same time. For example, trade and retail.

That’s why we have built up superb knowledge of the food marketing landscape to deliver content that is read, and engaged with, by all the different personas.

From foodservice decision makers to pernickety consumers, we can help to grow your brand online using highly targeted content.

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