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Content & Copy for Food Marketing

Promoting passion, sharing heritage and educating customers is how food brands use content to increase sales or brand awareness.

We help you create compelling web content and marketing copy that grows your food or drink business.

Whether you are targeting b2b in foodservice, retail stores or consumers, we can deliver.

Keep reading to see how we use the power of content to help you grow.

Content for Transparency

Being open about the origin of your product’s ingredients can significantly increase leads and sales. Especially when targeting consumers online.

If you need content that promotes the transparency of your product origins, attracts your target market and is SEO focused for increased revenues, our content services will work for you.

From off-shore farming to local delicacies, our knowledge of the food supply industry and our ability to use that knowledge to drive growth via digital channels, is unrivalled.

Promoting Food Festivals & Events with Content

Advertising food festivals through email, social and web, before, during and after you attend can make your attendance all the more worthwhile.

If you struggle to use digital channels to promote your events, there’s a helping hand right here.

We will put together a hard-hitting campaign that gets visitors to your stall and makes them feel like they already know you.

Content to Educate Customers

Educational content is one of the fastest ways to build trust and generate sales online.

You might want to educate on how to make the best dietary choices, how to use your product in recipes, or even how to cook, brew or store your products.

We will make sure you have creative content that both educates and converts. We can create fun and witty content or well researched articles in line with your brand image.

Blog Content, email marketing, social media and videos are all perfect media options for educating customers about your products.

Let us help to turn your education into direct leads and sales, then track the success of each using data analysis.

Content Marketing for varied markets

It’s not unusual for food and drink businesses to be targeting different market segments at the same time. For example, trade and retail.

That’s why we have built up superb knowledge of the food marketing landscape to deliver content that is read, and engaged with, by the most important target personas.

From foodservice decision makers to pernickety consumers, we can help to grow your brand online using highly targeted content.

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