Sell Alcohol Online – Tips for marketing your brand

Selling alcohol online can help grow your brand into a fledgling business. There are thousands of searches per month and millions of people on social media who want alcohol. Now, you just need to be there too – here’s how.

Sell Alcohol Online

If you already own an alcohol business or want to setup one up, selling online is a great way to go.

This article will give you ideas on how to get your own alcohol website in front of those who are looking to buy online.

Here’s why you should take note.

The number of searches made in Google that include the word ‘wine’ is a whopping 8.8 million times per month.

The number of searches that include ‘red wine’ are an impressive 700,000.

That’s not all, people are also searching for spirits, beers and other alcoholic drinks every day via search engines. That’s just one channel.

There are two ways in which this article will help you sell more alcohol – by:

  1. Increasing visibility of your drinks in Google
  2. Increasing visibility of your drinks on social media

When used correctly, Google and Social Media are extremely powerful for generating leads and sales as part of an ongoing food and drink marketing plan.

You can use the above platforms in 2 different ways.

One is by paying to have your website and specific alcohol products listed in front of your target markets.

The other way is by using organic methods, such as SEO and regular social updates to increase the authority of your public profile, over a sustained period.

There are a few legal aspects to know before you start selling. So, see the governments guidelines to ensure you are operating within the law.

Done that? Great!

In the next few sections, we will show you how people are searching for alcohol online. We will also give you detailed figures to help determine the opportunities for selling specific alcohol products online.

Let’s start with Google.

Increasing visibility of your alcohol products in Google

The first step to attracting traffic from Google to your website is to work out how people search.

People who are making searches in Google will often be at different stages of their buying journey.

One stage of the buying journey is the ‘investigation’ stage.

Here’s what we mean.

Any search that begins with ‘Best’ or ‘What’ is an investigation style query.

For example:

‘Best flavoured Gin’

‘Best mixer for raspberry gin’

‘What is the best drink to have with gin?’

If you have a website that promotes gin, you should have additional pages, which answer these questions.

That way you have a brilliant opportunity for attracting Gin drinkers from Google to your website.

Perfect – your target market gets onto your website when they want to know more about something very relevant to your products.

After they land on your website, you can first answer their question and then guide them to your products.

The next stage of the buying journey is the ‘purchase’ stage

Searches such as ‘Buy Vodka online’ or ‘Wholesale Vodka’.

These queries mean the searchers know what they want and are all but ready to buy or enquire.

Again, when you add pages to your website, which focus on ranking for these search terms, you will again increase your visibility in Google’s listings.

It would be great if you knew how often and how many times each of these searches were made in Google. Well, let’s look at that now.

With soo many searches made every month in Google, it’s super important to prioritise which are the most important that you want to rank your website for.

Here are some example volumes for ‘best gin’:

To have your website listed in the free search result is no mean feat, but there are a couple of ways to get there.

Increasing visibility on social media

Using Instagram and Facebook together as a single marketing tool could really help your alcohol business grow.

Be aware that Facebook has a few rules about promoting alcohol on its platform. The obvious one is that you can’t promote to under 18’s. You need to adhere to these rules to make sure you don’t get your business banned too.

Facebook’s rules are also the same on Instagram.

If you’re looking to get a product into foodservice operators like bars and restaurants, you’re in luck. Social Media is perfect for that. That’s because Facebook’s paid advertising is an immensely powerful targeting machine – more on that in a mo.

Growing organically on Social Media

Social Media is the perfect place for you to share how passionate you are about everything to do with your alcoholic beverages.

Regular updates about where your core ingredients come from, why you use them and how tasteful they are, is a great way to build a clan of loyal followings to your business page.

Try not to push your alcohol, simply share insightful updates and knowledge of your raw materials used during production.

Paying social media to advertise to your target markets

Facebook is perfect for putting a specific unique product right in front of very specific people with different needs.

The platform boasts an extremely powerful audience targeting platform, which means you can really zone-in on your target markets – even for business-2-business.

This can even include bar owners, restaurant owners or head chefs.

You can use Facebook’s advertising platform to target by age, location, job role, gender and many more demographics.

You can also build your own audience of anyone who engages with your brand on the platform. What’s more, Facebook will track anyone who visits your website and then re-advertise to them based on which pages they visited.

When placing your ad, Facebook will tell you exactly how many people are in your market segment and even how much you can expect to pay to reach them.

To get going with Facebook paid advertising you will need a business account, an image and some copy. Craft up the message you want displayed to prospective customers.

In Summary

There are at least 4 different marketing methods you can try when aiming to get your alcohol products in front of your target markets online. Each of the above may vary slightly depending on the type of drink you’re selling, which is why a bit of up-front research will be essential to success.

Depending on budgets, it’s important to take each channel slowly and not overspend in any one area unless you know your returns on investment.

If you want help with any of these marketing methods don’t hesitate to drop us a line. The Online Growth Guru team have years of experience selling food and drink via these channels. So you will know you’re in good hands.

If you want to find out more about alcohol licensing in general, have a read of this article