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Using an Agency to Target the Foodservice Industry.

Cutting through the complexities of the Foodservice market alone can be a near impossible task.

That’s why we’re here to help you target the right personas at exactly the right time.

Whether your products are a perfect fit for caterers, chefs at restaurants or owners of small coffee shops. Or even F&B managers in HORECA (Hotel, Restaurants and catering).

You can use the power of digital marketing to get your brand in front of decision makers.


Targeting Decision Makers

MCA Insight have mapped out 38 foodservice areas as ‘perfect markets’ for food and drink brands to exploit. The problem is, they all have different types of decision makers with different and complex challenges.

From choosing the best ingredients to matching beverages perfectly with food, these are challenges that you may want to help overcome before and during your sales process.

The Out of Home (OOH), also known as Away from Home (AFH), Hospitality or HORECA can be challenging, but equally rewarding.

We help to identify decision makers’ needs in order to set out a clear plan of (marketing) action. A plan, which is also based on how your products fit to the market and the size of opportunity available.

We can work with you to define a focus and prioritise sectors. particularly in the out-of-home sector.


Rather than responding to everything that comes your way.


When do they buy, why do they buy?

Data in the food industry is helping companies lead the way in modern times. While foodservice product launches are seeing high failure rates.

If you’re after data to help you make better decisions to improve the rate of product launch success, you’re in the right place.

Our ability to turn data into information will give clear insight into the behaviours of your potential customers, your current customers and even their customers too (i.e. the consumers of your food products).


UK Foodservice Market Value 2019 & 2020

The Foodservice market continues to grow.

As of this writing, Statista shows the consumer foodservice market to be worth  £77.6bn with a forecast of growth to £79.87bn next year.

As part of this a plethora of regional or specialist wholesalers are helping brands exploit their chosen sector.

If you’re keen to gain listings with these, you can use digital marketing to show them how your brand can help grow the category, while driving margins.


Foodservice Marketing Strategies

Traditional marketing will never be dead.

So, ability to share carefully crafted products on social media or promote consistency online, alongside those ’old’ techniques is giving companies a significant advantage.

If you need a partner to help you craft your marketing plan in the same way you craft your beloved food products, we can help.

Our digital services are often highly targeted towards specific sectors of the foodservice industry.

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