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As an independent PPC Management company, Online Growth Guru can get your costs right down. While making sure your sales or leads go right up.

Being transparent with our PPC strategies is a core focus when delivering your services.

So whether you’re keen to learn the tricks of PPC or just want a specialist to ‘do it’, you can count on us.

High conversion rates are imperative with PPC. That’s the only way your Return on Adwords Spend (ROAS) can be maximised.

As they say Google gets paid when someone clicks on your advert but you don’t get paid until that click converts into a lead or sale.

If you want to work with someone who will give you more conversions for less clicks. Get in touch today.

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PPC – to use or not to use

Paying for traffic is just one of the many ways to drum up business and whether it’s your only strategy or a small segment of your business. It’s down right important.

Do you have a website but not started using PPC yet? Start now, you could be missing out on £000’s worth of revenue.

Are you already ‘dabbling’ with PPC but need some help to get the best out of it?

Read on, even if you don’t get in touch, you might learn a little.

How we monitor the important PPC metrics

You might feel like your getting a good return on your PPC investment but not really sure whether it’s the best it can be.

You probably have a brief understanding of the basics. Such as keyword types and cpc bidding strategies.

It’s now time to take that a step further and get deeper into the metrics of Adwords. The ones that really matter. Here’s just a couple that Google hides from you:

  • Conversion Rate
  • Search Impression Share
  • ROAS

Google is a for-profit company who capitalises on advertisers who just dive in to Adwords and spend their pennies.

Now it’s time to make PPC work for your business and not Google’s

PPC Metrics

Why we’re not Google PPC partners

Did you know, many so called PPC specialists are paid by Google on commission for every click when managing your account.

That means they may try to get your costs down but they’re certainly not incentivised to get your costs to the bare minimum.

As an independent agency, we’re not incentivised by Google. Our incentive is your sales growth while building a long-term partnership with you and your business.

Get in touch if you want to find out more about how your business can benefit more with an independent agency.

Building Landing pages that convert

Setting up PPC is just part of the battle.

The other part is your website’s landing pages. And to make sure they work for conversions can be a technical challenge in itself.

If you want a partner who focuses on the bigger picture, then we have the technical skills to deliver the website requirements.

Then we test and tweak until the conversion rate is as high as possible.

PPC Landing Pages

3 golden rules to a landing page

The first rule of the landing page is to CONFIRM to the user they are on they page as expected when clicking on the advert.

For example, if they click on an advert that says SEO Services Manchester, they want to land on a page that says SEO Services Manchester.

The second rule is to ENGAGE. Often the hardest part and the one that needs the most ‘tweaking’.

The final rule is to request ACTION from the visitor. Do this by having a contact form or a phone number. It can even be done by offering a FREE download.

We can deliver technical changes fast so you can find out what works faster.

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