The perfect blog post layout that Saves time

Content Blog Post Layout

What if you could write each and every blog post 10 times quicker? With this technique you can.

One way of doing that is to have a consistent format that you write to for EVERY post. Note that doesn’t mean you can’t write your posts in different formats.

It just means that when you’re stuck for words or trying to iron out your content strategy, you can jump back to this format and quickly get your post written. You might even be able to get help from a food content marketing agency , to get you going.

So let’s dive right in.

I’ve put together a perfect format, we used it for many of our food digital marketing you could use every time to connect with your readers.


What’s the perfect layout or format for a blog post to save you bags of time?

Perfect title format: ONE ACTIONABLE TECHNIQUE

Answer these questions in the first section of your post:

Paragraph 1: Why is your article better than any other article on the web? (i.e. most comprehensive, concise,

Paragraph 2: What does your technique give the reader / what’s good about it

Paragraph 3: What will your readers have once they’ve read your article

Paragraph 4: What has it done for you

Paragraph 5: Were there any obstacles to the end result? (i.e. despite having… zero knowledge, zero something,)


Tell them EXACTLY what you are giving them

What else do you show them


By giving them a bonus section, you can also create an opportunity to collect their email address.

BONUS SECTION: What adds to the excitement of your post enough to get their email address?


Perfect Heading 1 format: Your Previous experience with [subject]

What’s your experience with the technique

What is the technique all about – have they heard of it before

Are there any other case studies you can link to

Why did you use it

What are the high level steps (If required)

What was the result / What’s the best thing about the technique

What was the benefit

Who else on the web has proven this technique (can there be a whole section on this?)

What else can they do to get even better results

Tell them what to do before they they start


Perfect Heading 2 Format:  Usually the first step

How do they do it themselves

What you did next

And next

And next

Additional advice to the reader

Why you’re that advice


Perfect Heading 3 Format: (Next Step)

What’s so good about this step

What’s the benefit of this step

What did you do

And next

And next

How does it make things easy in the future

What not to do


Perfect Heading 4 Format: (Next Step)

What does this step do

What did you do

What did youI use to do it

What did you do next

Did you repeat anything

Top Tip


Perfect Heading 5 Format: (Tell reader to Give it a go / Conclusion)

Do I really need to say it?

What are two key things they MUST focus on

What can you provide in the bonus section as an upgrade

List what it includes

Tell them to ‘Click below’ to access the special area

Comment Me sideways
Perfect Heading 6: Case Study: Explaining another person’s activity

“This can be placed at the beginning of an article after the introduction”


So there you have it, if you have some practical techniques to share with your readers, you can easily use athis layout or a similar one to engage your audience right the way through.

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