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Networking events in Manchester – How to grow your Presence Fast

As a business 2 business agency, attendance to Networking is a vital part of your balanced marketing strategy. But coupling offline marketing with online marketing is what will take your business to the next level.

Why is Networking good for online growth?

When you’re networking, you’re building relationships with like-minded people. These people are all but guaranteed to have their own website. We are always on the look out for website owners, even if they don’t relate to food digital marketing

So once you’ve created a friendship with them, you can ask each person at networking if they’d like to do a blog collaboration. This simply means they write a post about your business and you write a post about their business – usually with a link.


Because by doing a blog collaboration with each person at networking, you will be able to acquire backlinks that will propel you to the top of search engines.

So next time you have a one-to-one with someone from networking, make sure you ask them for a blog collaboration.

The Power of the Networking Crowds

This is where the real magic sets in.

Imagine if you did a blog collaboration with 10 people each month (2-3 per week). Over a 12 monnth period, that will give you a total backlink count of 120 different websites. A great start.

Here’s the best part though.

Sometimes you don’t need to link to their website from yours. Another option is to offer them a guest post. That way you don’t need to wait for them to write the post – you can write it and all they have to do is upload it.

One more thing – if you’re targeting searches from people in the local area
– for example ‘internet marketing MANCHESTER’

You are now extremely likely to have links from other businesses targeting local searches – BONUS.

Grow your social following through Networking Events

Once you’ve met someone new at a networking event – always add them to your social networking. Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook


Apart from the fact that it allows you to further develop your relationship, it also allows you to share your fresh content with them.

By sharing your content with them, they are likely to share it with their followers and then their followers might follow you.

That’s the power of social media. What’s more, the more followers you have, the more Google will see you as an influencer and rank your website higher and higher. Particularly in the local areas


Here’s a short List of Networking Events in Manchester

This is a live list that shows the different networking events going on in the city. Some of which I’m a member, others I’ve attended once or twice.

If you want to have a networking event listed, feel free to get in touch here.

So let’s dive right in…

Manchester Enterprise Group – Weekly – Thursday 7-9am

Networking Events ManchesterAlso known as MEG, it’s currently in the first year of fruition (as of this writing in 2017) and is located in the amazing Cloud 23, which is in the Hilton building on Deansgate.

As a member of MEG, I find the atmosphere relaxing with some open networking and some formal networking throughout the morning.

Note, it says 7-8.30 on the ticket platform but if you’re going for the first time, make sure you leave plenty of time

Buy tickets for the next event here:

Downtown in Business, Manchester

The best way to find out more Downtown in Business (or DiB) is by attending one of their free events. To stay up to date with when their free events are running, just sign up to their newsletter.

Then keep an eye out when they advertise a breakfast meet up or something similar. Usually their free initial event consists of open networking with a fe breakfast rolls and of course tea and coffee.

You can find out more here

Once you’ve joined BiB, you will be invited to member only events and evening meals. This is where you will be able to start building your relationships and getting to know your fellow networkers.

Manchester Business Network International (BNI)

BNI is based on referrals and most of the BNI meet ups are restricted to invite only. This means you need to know someone in the network before you
can go along to a meet up.

BNI is also restricted to one person from each field of work so that conflicts are minimised. This is a great selling point to the person who is
first from their industry to join.

4Networking Manchester – Fortnightly – Friday 12-2pm

4Networking has locations up and down the country. This means, when you join you get to go to any of them. There is a catch however, you still have
to pay for each venue (£14) even after paying your membership fees of £200 for 200 days. So make sure you take that into account.

The format is very structured and quite often throughout the morning you will be ushered onto the next stage. Whether that be breakfast/lunch, the 40 second intros, or the one-2-ones. There’s a lot to cram in.

Digi Drinkup

A very informal evening with a focus on bringing the digital community together. It’s a great night if you like socialising.

Digi-drinkup is run by a good friend of mine called Josh Bolland, who is also the CEO of J B Cole web technology agency.

It’s held quarterly and has been run from different venues across Manchester city centre. Venues include Albert Schloss, and Lock 91 on deansgate.

You need to be invited by one of the regular guests if you want to attend the Digi-drinkup. So the best way to get a ticket is to attend the other networking events first. Then, if you bump into someone who knows about it, ask them to invite you.

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