How to get an EU Grant Lancashire

How to get an EU Marketing Grant for your food business

Are you looking to grow your food business in the Lancashire area?

If it’s a yes, then your in the right place.

Why? Lancashire growth are offering vouchers to businesses like yours, so you can invest more in your food digital marketing efforts, in order to give you access to a financial grant

How much is the Grant Worth?

It really depends on how much you want to spend on your project and what it takes to make sure your project gives you a return on investment.

The minimum value is worth £1,000 and the amount in growth grants must be matched by your business. Which means the minimum investment required by your company to qualify is also £1,000

If you are able to invest more, for example £2,500, then the grant will be matched to your investment. Giving you a total project opportunity of £5,000.

So the grant could be worth anywhere between £1000 and £2,500.

Remember to forecast how much return you need to get based on the full amount and not just on the money you spend. That way you can be sure your profits will rise and in turn, help out the local area.


I’m in Lancashire, How do I Apply?

Simply fill out the form below and one of our friendly helpers will talk you through the process.



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