Food Industry Consultants – How They Help

Food Marketing Consultants

Getting outside help from experts, when growing a food or drinks business, is almost mandatory.

Food & beverage industry consultants come in many forms. They generally want to help you, the business owner, make a success of your business using their past learnings.

This article provides insights into the different types of food & beverage consultants.

Those who can help you get your business off the ground or even help take your established business to the next level of growth.

I make a few suggestions on when you might want to hire each type of consultant.

I also suggest a few “experts” who I have come across while working in the industry.

Please note: These are not affiliate links and I’ve never worked directly with them. The links are only there to help you streamline your search for someone to work with.

So, the types of consultant discussed in this article are:

  • Food Marketing
  • Food Digital Marketing
  • Food Packaging
  • Food Design
  • Food Safety

During your search for a partner, I suggest:

Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Then meet with a few different consultants to see if they have the processes in place that will help you achieve your goals.

When I hired a business coach, I met with approximately 8 people before making the final decision.

Here’s why.

Food & Beverage Consultant Fees

Fees can start anywhere between £150 to £200 per day and go upwards of £1,000 per day.

The most common way of paying for food consultants is by day rate. These fees can vary significantly. It really depends on the work you require.

You should decide how much input or time you need from them, and keep it within your budget.

The most important thing about bringing outside help into your business is to work out the benefits. From both a short-term and long-term perspective.

For example, a consultant might cost £2,000 per month over 6 months, h0wever the processes and strategies they help you put in place could bring in more than £20,000 over 12 months.

In this case, your decision to take someone on would virtually pay for itself.

What’s more, the right person will no doubt have new contacts that can benefit your business in different ways.

After all, relationships are everything in business.

So, let’s get going.

1.      A Food Marketing Consultant

Food Marketing Consultants are readily available. If you’re unsure which marketing channels will be best for your business, it’s a good idea to seek out expert help.

The number of options when it comes to marketing is constantly growing both offline and online.

Marketing decisions will also impact your choice of sales channels, and vice-versa, so it’s an important one to get right then stick with persistently.

When to hire?

Food Marketing Consultants can generally help with anything from campaigns, which channels will give greater ROI and how to get your much-loved product onto the shelves of the retailers or in front of consumers.

The time to hire is when you have a solid product that you’re ready to share with the world.

Who is on the market for hire?

Th UK has a large selection of food marketing consultants.

One who I follow on Twitter is Tessa Stuart, who works with businesses to help their food products get maximum attention.

She also has a book out called ‘Packed: The food Entrepreneurs Guide’, which is certainly worth a read.

2.      A Food Digital Marketing Consultant

On one hand, if you are not increasing your online presence, you are getting left behind. On the other hand, if you are brand new to digital marketing, you most definitely want to look for input from an expert.

If mistakes are made in digital marketing, the worst-case scenario is that your business can be negatively impacted forever.

Especially when you actively try to increase your rankings in Google by way of SEO.

On the other hand, if you jump straight into PPC, you take the risk of spending far more than you need to.

That’s because Google sets its platforms up to take advantage of newbies – i.e. people who don’t know how to make savvy use of the platforms.

When to hire

Digital Marketing Consultants can help with eCommerce as well as various digital campaigns. If you are keen to sell your products direct to consumers, digital marketing is a must.

A consultant will work well for you if you only need guidance and are happy to (or have the time to) deliver the digital tasks internally.

However, if you need someone to fully deliver the tasks for you, then you may be better looking for an agency.

Who is on the market for hire?

The Online Growth Guru team (that’s us) specialise in Food & Drink eCommerce. We can help you determine which digital channel to prioritise – both now and in the future.


3.      A Food Packaging Consultant

Packaging demands are changing all the time. To add to that, the trends and consumer behaviours are driving many of these constraints.

The need to stand out in a positive way is also important. After all, supermarkets and online retailers want to know how people are going to recognise YOUR product.

Working with people experienced in this field, can give you a kick start to achieving your packaging goals in a way that both stands out to the consumer but also makes them happy to buy – i.e. you’re not using too much plastic

The packaging world never stands still. Even ASDA are constantly working on their packaging improvements

ASDA – Our new chicken packaging is better for customers … and the planet

Asda Food Packaging Consultants

When to hire

If you want to create new, exciting and innovative packaging solutions, then a packaging expert is the person for you.

Who is on the market for hire?

The Pack Hub is a packaging innovation consultancy for brand owners, retailers and packaging suppliers.

JR Consulting offer help to optimise cost. as well as provide technical and analytical support. Leading to the full spectrum of packaging management services.


4.      A Food Design Consultant

Branding and design are essential for food businesses to succeed. Some of the most popular brands have been around for years.

If you don’t have the in-house creativity, or just need some outside influence, then a food design consultant could be perfect for your business.

When is on the market for hire?

Established businesses may take on a designer to help with the launch of new products when they are looking for a twist in the way it has always been done.

Who to hire specialise in branding and design, (in their words) dedicated to food and drink businesses that want to make a difference  provide food and beverage innovation solutions that excite, inspire and resonate with real customers.


5.      A Food Safety Consultant

Safety is paramount in the food industry. Not sticking to the legislation can be business-life threatening. What’s more, maintaining the food safety standards can also be a mammoth task.

The HACCP mentor has written an article that provides guidance on what to look for when hiring a food safety consultant

With it being such an important subject, the government also provide their own guidelines on food safety.

When to hire

The time to hire someone who knows about food safety is when you’re attempting to obtain the certifications and your internal team doesn’t have the technical knowledge necessary to achieve a comfortable pass.

Who is on the market for hire?

Hiring a is a very important decision. That’s because, getting it wrong can be catastrophic to the business.

Quality Assurance & Food Safety Mag also explain in more detail how to make sure you hire the right person

The Society of Food Hygiene has a list of potential consultants you could work with here

To end…

So that gives you some food for thought in hiring your next consultant. Ultimately, it will depend on which stage of your business you are at as to whether you need these people to help you now or in the future,

So, Don’t write off bringing in outside help to grow your business – the investment is well worth it.

Food, drink and grocery businesses turn to Online Growth Guru when they need help with growing their online presence to make more sales. That includes managing 3rd party platforms for growth as well as Online Growth Guru can help you with your eCommerce challenges,

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