How to Sell Meat Online via Google

How to Sell Meat Online
Looking to selling your cuts of meat online? This article shows how many people search Google for meat products online. Keep reading to find out more.

Producing some of the highest quality meat in the UK? Promoting your product online can be one of the best things you can do for your business.

In this article, we’ll provide you with some of the best, tried and tested strategies that help gain traction to your products, and increase sales and leads for your business.

Here are a couple of reasons why promoting online can do wonders for your business.

Starting with Google, key words such as ‘online butcher’, ‘fresh meat’ and ‘meat delivery’ have a total search volume of over 50,000 a month.

The amount your website is listed on the front page of Google for any of these terms will massively impact the growth your business and drive new traffic to your site each month.

Google is a vital tool for your business’ digital marketing strategy and can make a significant impact when it comes to generating food and drink sales and leads.

There are two ways to promote on Google – one is using Google Ads which will promote your business at the top of Google just like in the picture below.

The other way is to organically build authority in Google, which is essentially ‘free’ traffic from Google.

How many people use Google to find Meat?

Let’s dive deeper into the opportunities the Google provides for any Meat business looking to grow.

Finding out how many people are searching for ‘meat products online’ or ‘online butcher’ is the first step in attracting people to your site via Google.

The different people using search terms that include ‘meat’ will all be at different points in their sales journey.

Some may just be looking for some information, which usually is an informational, long-tail search such as ‘best type of meat for roast’.

These are some other informational search terms:

‘Best cut of meat for standing rib roast’

‘Best type of meat for smashed burgers’

‘What is Wagyu meat’

Although the above searches are looking for information, if a page on your website gets listed for these terms, you will have a huge opportunity to attract people to your website from Google’s free listings.

For example, if you sell Wagyu beef, create a Wagyu beef recipe, so that this way users can find your site if they are at the informational stage in their sales journey.

Plus, the higher the purchase intent, the more likely the user is to stay on your site and purchase your products.

But what about those who are actively looking to buy meat products?

Users typing specific short term keywords into Google are more likely to be at the point of their sales journey where they are ready to purchase.

These searches include:

‘Buy Wagyu meat’

‘Buy pork meat online’

‘Buy meat online UK’

‘Bulk meat online’

‘Meat delivery UK’

Although these terms are ideal to rank for, they are also much more competitive, and it can take a lot longer for your business to may get listed on Google’s front page.

If you’re looking for quicker results from Google, you may want to look into paying to be listed at the top of the search terms.

Paying to be listed in Google

Paying to be listed on Google’s front page can be ideal for generating sales. When doing this, you only want to list your website for high purchase intent search terms, so that your visitors are most likely to convert.

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