How to Sell Chocolate Online via Google

How to sell chocolate online
If you're looking to start selling your chocolates through your website, this article shows how many people search Google for chocolate products online. Keep reading to find out more.

If you’re producing divine chocolate in the UK, promoting online could be the perfect option for growing your business.

This article will provide you with the strategies to grow sales online, while increasing leads from businesses who will be keen to stock your products once they hear about you.

Here are a couple of reasons why promoting online can be so lucrative.

Starting with Google, there are over 9.7 million searches made every month across 750,000 different search terms, which include the word CHOCOLATE.

The number of times your website is listed on the front page for any of these terms will massively impact the growth potential of your business.

Using Google as a primary marketing channel can be extremely powerful for generating leads and sales in the food and drink sector.

There are two ways to promote on Google. One way is to pay for extra visibility.

The other way is to build authority in your brand organically. In a way that generates FREE traffic from Google

How many people use Google to find chocolate?

We’ll now go deeper into the opportunities that Google is offering any chocolate business for growth.

The first step to attracting people from Google to your website is to find out how people are searching for your chocolate products online.

Searches that include the word ‘Chocolate’ will often be at different points in your sales funnel. I.e. some will just be looking for ‘information’ regards a question they have about chocolate and others will actually be looking to buy a chocolate product.

These search terms are informational:

‘Best chocolate cake recipe’

‘Best chocolate cake’

‘What chocolate is vegan’

The above searches are people looking for information. However, if you have a page on your website that gets listed for these terms, you will have a huge opportunity to bring people to your website from Google’s free listings.

What’s more, the higher the purchase intent, the more likely they are to go and buy your product after landing on your website.

So that cover’s people looking for information in Google.

Now let’s look at the search terms typed in Google by people who are more likely to buyers.

These searches include:

‘Buy chocolate’

‘Buy chocolate online’

‘Buy vegan chocolate’

‘Chocolate products’

‘Bulk chocolate products’

These search terms are highly lucrative in terms of sales. However, they are also much more competitive and may take longer to get listed on Google’s front page.

Therefore, you may wish to pay Google so your website will be listed on the first page much sooner.

Paying to be listed in Google

When paying Google to be listed on it’s front pages, you only want to list your website for high purchase intent search terms. That way your visitors are much more likely to convert into customers when they land on your site.

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