How to Create and Design a Website for your Restaurant

Web Design For Restaurants
Perfecting the art of web design is vital for your restaurant. This article will break down the key factors when it comes to building a website.

With lockdown forcing the hospitality industry to come to a halt, now is a better time than ever to get your digital marketing strategy nailed.

There’s no doubt about the fact that 2020 caused online food sales and takeaway orders to skyrocket, with many of restaurants resorting to takeaway and food delivery in order to make a revenue and provide for hungry customers.

It also encouraged a lot of people to try new restaurants, and with the help of a strong digital marketing strategy, many restaurants have seen an increase in orders, from both loyal and new customers.

With the 2021 lockdown, the facts above are continuing to show, and one thing that you can do to nail your restaurants digital marketing strategy for 2021 is have a web re-design.

Everything from the look, feel and design of your website are vital things to have nailed down in order to attract customers to your restaurant, and keep loyal customers interested.

In this article, we’re going to be to discussing the key factors that play in when it comes to building a website for a restaurant, restaurant web design ideas, as well as specific elements you can add in that are guaranteed to increase bookings.

Ideas for Restaurant Web Design

So, you’re looking to redesign your website, but you have no idea where to start or even what you want it to look like. It can be tricky and may seem like a daunting task to take on but starting by generating some inspiration is your best bet for success.

Whether it be modern and sleek, or colourful and interactive, here are a few ideas and ways on how you can begin to design a website for your restaurant.

Your Current Restaurant Branding

Think about the current branding that you’re using for your restaurant, and how that has impacted your digital marketing strategy so far.

If it has been successful, its time to bring it into your new website. Incorporate your logo colours into the theme of your website so it’s recognisable for loyal customers.

Not only this, but branding continuity create a professional and trustworthy appearance to new customers, so it’s a vital thing to include in your restaurant’s web design.

If you’re thinking about changing up your restaurant’s digital strategy completely, have a look here.

Existing Restaurant Website Templates

It’s worth taking a look at existing web design templates, as this can often spark a bit of inspiration. Sites such as Best Website Gallery are great for this.

With tonnes of website templates for restaurants and other food & drink businesses, it’s a great place to get a few ideas flowing as to how you may want your restaurant’s website to look.

You can also generate colour palette inspiration alongside this if you are thinking of re-branding, which is a great starting place when designing a website.

A more bespoke design can really set your restaurant apart from the rest.


Local Hospitality Competitors

Similar to the above, competitor restaurants can also be a good starting place to gain some inspiration. Have a look at the websites of your local competing restaurant or a competitor within the same cuisine category to generate some inspiration, as this can really help when it comes to designing a restaurant website from scratch.

Friendly competitor research is always beneficial, however remind yourself not to completely copy their site. Take inspiration from multiple including forecasted trends, as it’s important to be one step of your competitor.

What should a Restaurant Website Include?

When in the process of designing a website for your restaurant, it’s vital to make sure key elements are included to ensure a seamless user experience for your customers.

User experience will have a big impact on the success of your site; if there isn’t a seamless journey, a user has to jump from link to link or can’t find the correct information, they most likely will jump off affecting your bounce rate.

As well as looking the part, it also needs to function correctly, with the aim in mind of keeping the user on the site throughout the whole booking journey. Below we’ve listed a few things that at Online Growth Guru, we feel are vital elements to include in your restaurant’s web design.

Digital Menu Design

It’s important to get your menu looking the part in physical form, and the same goes for the digital aspect as well.

There are different ways that customers can access a digital menu, whether it be a PDF download or seamless clickable links, menu design and function is a vital part in a user’s booking journey.

Having a good design is important as you want the design of the menu to reflect the vibe and the food you offer at your restaurant – if you’re a modern, high end restaurant keep it sleek and simple, and if you’re a colourful cake café, you may want to go for a bright and fun colour palette.

Booking Link Integration

Providing your users with a direct booking link is a great way to create an ideal user journey and seamless booking process.

If your booking is done via a third party such as Bookatable or Open Table, integrating that within your website can increase bookings as they are reputable booking platforms.

If not, making it clear how to book and the booking process for your restaurant specifically should be on almost every page.

Similarly, if your restaurant offers takeaway services, make this just as clear especially during lockdown, and integrate platforms such as Deliveroo, or Just Eat.


Restaurant Blog Content

Although this may seem like an area of a restaurant’s website that isn’t a key focus, blogs are vital in helping people discover your website through search engines.

It’s a really beneficial part of your restaurants SEO strategy.

Blog content is also a great resource for users to browse whilst on your site, by providing them with recipes from your menu which they could recreate at home, a great idea whilst we’re in lockdown.

How much does it Cost to Build a Restaurant Website?

Now you know all the vital information when it comes to creating a website for your restaurant, it’s time to discuss the facts and figures behind the pricing.

According to Abhijit Rawool, it can cost anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000 for a professional restaurant web design, which can be out of reach for the majority of small business.

However, the hassle of creating a restaurant website yourself may make that prices seem a bit more worth it. However, there is an alternative option.

What OGG can do for your Restaurant

At Online Growth Guru, we work a little differently.

We specialise in working with SME food & drink businesses, hospitality and restaurants and we know fixed prices and monthly retainers don’t work for everyone.

Starting from just £395 with a bunch of additional extras such as FREE hosting included in the price, there is nothing to lose. Find out more about our restaurant web design services.

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