Marks & Spencer’s Food Strategy Shift – Will it benefit SME food suppliers?

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Marks & Spencer’s has announced that it will allocate more of its retail space to food. This can surely be a huge benefit to their food suppliers.

The retail giant claims to have 6,500 food products in its lines. However, only 12 stores are stacking all products, which has led to claims that food products are not getting exposure they need.

Furthermore, the recent deal with Ocado will also allow M&S to showcase their full food range online.

A letter from the retail giant, which was published by The Mail said…

“We are starting a store renewal programme that will get more products in front of more customers with bigger, better M&S Food Halls in new and existing sites,”

Details of the letter were originally published on

On average people spend just £13 per shop in Marks & Spencer’s food stores. That’s a far cry from the £27 per shopper in Tesco.

It’s a good reason for wanting to appeal to the weekly family shoppers as opposed to just the couples and singles that M&S has a strong history with.

Thoughts from the Online Growth Guru Team

At OG Guru, we believe that more space for food products on the shop floor is great news.

Food suppliers are undoubtedly being given a higher level of exposure. With more exposure comes more sales – hopefully.

Unfortunately, where there’s a gain there’s usually a loss. So, it looks like the losers will be the fashion department.

It’s also hopeful that the Ocado deal will open doors to more small food brands who have a unique product, that can be presented online easily, in front of their millions of web visitors.

The question is, will M&S become a supermarket as it shifts further out of fashion and into consumables. Let’s wait and see.

If M&S really want to appeal to families, surely they need to be more price competitive with the larger chains such as Aldi, Tesco and Sainsbury’s .


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