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How to use Bloggers to Market your Vegan Food Products

Do you have a food product or service that you want to shout about? You’ve got a great product, but you’re struggling to spread the word online?

Collaborating with bloggers is a simple and effective way to promote your food business. With a loyal following of readers that trust their opinion, using your product in their recipes is a powerful way to increase sales.

This isn’t the only way to collaborate, there’s also reviews, giveaways, social media posts, photography and much more.

In this list we’ve made it super simple to find the contacts you need to grow your online food business. Known for their creativity and skills, here are the best vegan blogs to collaborate with in 2019…

(P.S. make sure to keep this page bookmarked, we’ll be adding more of the latest and greatest bloggers to this list)


The Tofu Diaries

The Tofu Diaries

Photo and snippet from a Vegan Cumberland Pie recipe collaboration with

The Tofu Diaries came to life in 2014, when Natalie Tamara decided to make the most of her creativity and sense of adventure.

Originally starting as a vegetarian blog, her personal journey and professional work developed into a fully vegan concept in 2016.

 “The Tofu Diaries is a growing UK-based vegan blog with readers from all over the world, is regularly ranked as a top blog to follow in this niche and has a social media following of over 50,000 across various platforms”, Natalie tells us.

From bespoke vegan recipes to product reviews, The Tofu Diaries offers plenty of marketing strategies to build your online presence, increase sales and improve your conversion.


Purely Amy

Purely Amy

Photo and snippet from a review of Tesco’s free from range

With a strong passion for vegan food and marketing, Amy’s blog is the place you want to be for promoting your food business.

From sponsored posts to food reviews, her strong knowledge of the industry makes collaboration a breeze.

For example, Amy recently reviewed the highly anticipated new free from range at Tesco. Take inspiration from this project to promote your new range of food products!


The Little Blog of Vegan

The Little Blog of Vegan

Photo and snippet from a step by step guide of Mad Millie’s cheese kit

Holly Jade is the talented individual behind The Little Blog of Vegan. Her enthusiasm for veganism shines in every piece of content she posts, and her up beat attitude is sure to entice you into her world of delicious treats.

She has worked with a long list of brands which you can see here. Some of which include Candy Kittens, Chipotle, Hotel Chocolat and Trek.

If you’re trying to promote a food kit, her vegan cheese kit project might be the perfect inspiration. With high quality step by step photos, the article emphasises why vegans will love this food kit.


Thinly Spread

Thinly Spread

Photo and snippet from ‘Egg’ Fried Recipe with Cauldron Tofu Pieces

Chris started Thinly Spread in 2010 and has been on many thrilling adventures because of it. From meeting Bill Gates to being invited to the House of Lords for a private meeting with a Minister, Chris has tonnes of experience which will enrich your brand.

She’s a talented writer, confident speaker and excellent communicator. Her specialities are food, education, parenting, travel and health, but admits she can bring her unique skills to most industries.

Chris has created plenty of delicious recipe collaborations, like with Cauldron and their marinated tofu pieces.


Hello Gemma

Hello Gemma

Photo and snippet from coffee review with Nespresso

Gemma’s strong ethical stance and moral compass makes her blog easy and stress free to work with. She’s open, honest and extremely clear about collaborating with brands.

This has allowed her to build trust with readers, and in turn develop a group of loyal followers.

Gemma has plenty of simple and delicious recipes that anyone can create at home, as well as a thriving YouTube channel.

She has worked with Nespresso to create an engaging article which not only advertised their delicious coffee, but also explained the ethics behind the brands farming. This project worked perfectly with her personal brand.


Everything’s Peachy

Everythings Peachy

Photo and snippet from Healthy Sweet n Sour Recipe with Buy Wholefoods Online

With a passion for products that are natural, vegan and cruelty free, Adele from Everything’s Peachy is on a mission to change the blogging scene.

Her goal is to expose readers to the wonders of a plant-based lifestyle, and she certainly does this through her enthusiastic writing and engaging content.

From recipe development to social media content, Adele knows exactly how to feature your product in the best light.


The Little Plantation

The Little Plantation

Photo and snippet from pesto recipe with Tenderstem

The Little Plantation is a hub full of wonders for veggie lovers. Kimberley (who runs the blog) is a seriously talented photographer, and she even offers tips on her website to help you sell your food products.

She doesn’t publish sponsored posts often, but for good reason. Kimberley only writes about products she truly loves and would genuinely use, which shows in the enthusiasm of her writing.

This allows you as a brand to build a long-term relationship and gain honest content that highlights the beauty of your food products.


The Veg Space

The Veg Space

Photo and snippet from Superfood Hamper Giveaway

Being vegetarian for 20 years and vegan since 2016, Kate from The Veg Space is certainly well equipped when it comes to the veggie food department.

In fact, she even won ‘UK’s Tastiest Meat-Free Dish’ in 2011 which saw her mushroom and ale pie to become part of the Linda McCartney ready meal range.

Her collaboration skills include photography, sponsored blog posts, giveaways, reviews and much more. She has worked with brands such as OXO, Marmite, Blue Dragon and Ocado.


Made By Luci

Made by Luci

Photo and snippet from cherry nut brownie recipe

Luci admits she hasn’t always been a passionate cook, and growing up wasn’t easy as a picky eater. Since she has taken her diet into her own hands and developed some mouth-watering vegan recipes, her passion and enthusiasm for cooking has blossomed.

Working with brands such as Flora, Wagamama and Veganuary, she has a lot of experience in promoting food businesses and their products.

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