How to do Ethical SEO Consulting and the true KPIs


I cringe when I get an email from someone who claims:

“I will get you to page 1 in Google”

Firstly, the top of page 1 in Google should never be your business key performance indicator.

You could be at the top of page 1 for a specific keyword and never even make a sale from someone who lands on your page. If you don’t make a sale, then you don’t have a business.

Second, they are lying.

So you need to be using real KPIs to monitor your organic search results. KPIs like SALES & CONVERSIONS

This is what we use and continuously work to improve your online strategy for your business. So if you want to get these in place. Let us know.



If you know a little bit about Google, I’m sure you will understand that the keyword ‘Fresh Coffee’ is extremely competitive.

We couldn’t promise our client, Adams + Russell that we would get them to page 1 on their budget (even though we did actually get them to page 1).

So we needed new techniques, here’s an example.

We looked for searches that people were making in Google using our extensive keyword research tools.

We then found that people were looking for “Best coffee for V60”.

So what did we do? We wrote an article called Best coffee for V60.

Within just a few days, we were on page 1 of Google.

Within a couple of weeks, we were fluctuating between rank 1 and rank 3 for this search.

What’s more, every time someone landed on our page, we could direct them to the very products they were looking for. The best sales funnel you could imagine.

Do this ten times and you’re generating sales like you never imagined.



There is a difference and you will need quite a lot of technical skills to understand them properly but let’s take a brief look.


If you understand this, you will go a long way with on-page optimisation. We find it when doing our SEO for food and beverage clients. Making your pages work for Google is simply about making it work for everyone – your visitors– particularly people who are deaf and blind or have another disability.

This means:

Your page needs to have a nice, neat layout – like you would in a Word document you’re sending to your client or boss.

Also, everything you add to your page needs contain descriptive wording – Image file names, titles, links and more. There’s a lot of technical work that goes on in the code which is beyond the scope of this article.

But if you really want to practice ethical SEO, then this needs to be a high priority in your business. It will also help you generate more traffic from the people who matter.



You hear the words link building and guest posting. Okay, these are certainly things that search engines take into account when deciding whether your website should show up.


The way in which we “experts” accomplish this has changed dramatically over the years.

Link building is now about building long lasting relationships with many different website owners. For example, I have met up with the owner of many times and his website references my clients, which drives traffic but also gives us a really nice increase in search engine traffic.

Not only that. Because I know he is in it for the long term, his link will give us more and more value the longer it keeps sending us traffic. And that is how you future proof your SEO results.



We pride ourselves on reporting our results to you and making sure we see significant business growth year-on-year (and even month-on-month depending on seasonality of your business.

We don’t cut corners, we generate true results for long term success and are happy to share with you exactly how we do it – in business language.

SEO is also about identifying new opportunities for your business. The best and arguably the only way to do this is to be consistently engaged in what’s happening in food digital marketing, in your industry.



This technique could give your business the ultimate BOOM.

While working for Adams + Russell Coffee Roasters, we created an event called Free Brew School. Where we invited customers to come to the roasting house to learn all about coffee on a Satruday morning.

Here’s where the SEO kicked in…

We got in touch with bloggers who had strong websites in relation to coffee and invited them down too.

To our delight, the owner of agreed to come and do some photography. He had a great day and decided to post a full blog page about Adams+Russell. This gave us a huge boost in rankings and a huge boost of referral traffic from his website.


Now that’s how you do SEO!

But it didn’t end there. We got in touch with some local newspapers to tell them that we hav=d a new event in the local area. Once again a fantastic opportunity to boost SEO rankings.

So you see – no spammy backlink building there, just solid relationships that will last forever.

This technique works fantastic for both B2B and B2C companies. So if you’re thinking of building your rankings this way. Start today.

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