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Email marketing to whet your customers’ appetites. bringing them closer to your products & services.


1. Email Planning

A plan that captures targeted data is essential to maximising returns

We will lay-out your process for capturing the right data, at the right time.

Targeted on-page ‘hooks’ will create a real desire for your customers to sign up immediately.

Your email marketing plan will also be used as a driver for improving your overall marketing. Particularly your content marketing and SEO strategy.

2. Email Management

Engagement and action is the ultimate goal during content creation.

Special offers, customer research and authority content will keep your business in-touch with all the prospects in your ever-growing database.

Our laser-focus targeting with a segmented database will sky rocket your engagement figures.

Clear call-to-actions will be introduced at exactly the right point in the email, in order to maximise actions.

3. Email Monitoring

Understanding customer actions is crucial for increasing engagement rate.

The number of people who open your emails and click-through to your website will be tracked and analysed with a fine-tooth comb.

Emails achieving best results are always identified and re-utilised in different ways.

Experience has told us exactly what works best (and what doesn’t). So, you are sure to get off to a winning start with your email content and design

4. Email Improvements

Acting on analytical data is the crucial ingredient for long-term success.

Once we know exactly what your customers like and dislike, we will implement improvements in follow-up email campaigns.

Perfection doesn’t exist, but continuous improvement most definitely does.

Your email marketing programme will also play a crucial role in best utilising your most popular content.

Bring your products to life with inspirational email marketing

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