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1. Content Planning

Opportunity seeking is the key during the planning stage.

We will find the right people to promote your content to, before even putting pen to paper. This includes finding and engaging influencers in your category or markets.

Deep keyword research is also completed so that you can be sure to reach the right people, at the right point, in which they are looking to purchase your products.

2. Content Creation

Engagement and action is the ultimate goal during content creation.

When your content is created, it will be designed to keep the user on your website until they take the action you want. That could be clicking through to your shop or enquiring about a service.

Content is created with technical SEO and usability at the forefront.

Clear call-to-actions will be introduced at exactly the right point in the content, in order to maximise conversions.

3. Content Monitoring

Understanding the users decision-making process is gold dust.

Once pages are published and visits shoot up, users will be monitored using data and analytics.

Monitoring tools will also be set up to find out exactly what your visitors are doing and why.

4. Content Improvement

Maximising conversions is the utmost intention when improving content.

After your content has been published and analysed, there will be a clear focus on improving your most popular web pages.

Priorities will be organised by where the most opportunity has been identified. Improvements could be coding updates, layout changes or even identifying new call-to-actions.

Creating dynamic content is fundamental to your food digital marketing strategy. While email marketing also plays an important role in best utilising the most popular content.

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