How to target restaurant owners with Facebook Advertising

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This article will explain how Facebook's advertising platform can help to generate leads directly from restaurant owners or F&B managers across the UK.See how many restaurant owner profiles are in your target market and how to get their attention while they aimlessly scroll through their Social Media feed

Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising platforms this decade and it works a treat for targeting restaurant owners.

It works to generate traffic to your website, leads into your inbox or even conversations via instant messaging.

If you’re a food and drink producer and haven’t yet started using Facebook to generate leads from restaurants or even bars, then have a read of this post and get started today.

Before diving into the how’s and what’s, let’s take a look at the why.

How many restaurant owners are on Facebook?

Knowing the size of your target market is crucial when using Social Media to advertise as part of your digital strategy.

Luckily, Facebook can tell you how many people are in the food and beverage industry and whether they are a potential decision maker or business owner.

What’s more, the most popular age groups currently using Facebook are between 30 and 70 years old. Meaning it’s more likely that your advert will be shown to a restaurant decision maker than on any other platform.

So, let’s see how many restaurant owners are actually on Facebook.

Firstly, we can narrow the target market down to how many people are working in the food and restaurants industry

Then we can refine this target market even further by targeting Administrators on Facebook. It means they are likely to be a decision maker. Especially in smaller restaurants.

Below is a snap-shot of Facebook Business Manager showing exactly how many people are in this category.

As we can see there are 130,000 profiles in this market segment. That’s just one example, so imagine the other possibilities here.

Now that we have seen there is a solid market on Social Media for advertising to restaurant owners, here are a few tips to getting it right first time.

How to get restaurant owners’ attention on Facebook

You can massively reduce your advertising costs by making more people take action when they see your advert.

As such, there are 3 essential things to get right so you can maximise responses and sales:

  1. Target a very specific audience
  2. Focus on a specific offering and write a message that is targeted to your audiences’ specific needs
  3. Promote the benefits

Having already discussed the first important step, the next step is to structure your message in a way that someone will take action.

How to structure your Facebook ad copy

There are lots of ways to structure your social media advertising copy. From writing a story to creating a direct response type message.

Here’s a quick and simple way to create copy that gets the attention of someone scrolling aimlessly past your advert.

First sentence Rule : Mention the target market and your unique offer.

Example: This is perfect for Pizza restaurant owners in the North West. Get 5KG FREE of Italian style coffee beans when you sign up for a wholesale account.

Second Sentence Rule: Use social proof.

Example: Anna, the head chef at Pizza Italia says “[Your Business Name]’s coffee beans are glorious and some of our covers say they come back simply for the coffee. And the pizza of course ????”

Third sentence Rule : Use a clear call to action.

Example: Click ‘Get Offer’ below to speak to our team today.

Fourth Sentence Rule : Create urgency.

Example: This advert will self-destruct once you scroll past it and our superb offer is only available this month, so get in touch today.

So that’s your ad copy sorted. It should be easy to think of these four sentences to get an advert written up in real quick time.

Then, later on you can come up with more creative and complex ads while this one is running in the background.

Now it’s time to complement your copy with some excellent imagery or videos because Facebook provides endless opportunities for sharing your delightful, creative media.

You can include a carousel of images or a video to share your passion and enthusiasm for your products.

Bringing all of this together, here’s what an eye-catching advert might look like:

Why Facebook’s lead generation form is crucial for advertising

As mentioned earlier, there are lots of ways you can use social media to increase sales.

One of the best ways though, is to generate leads directly from the Social platform by having restaurant owners complete direct lead generation form.

When you use this as an advertising option, the prospective customer can send their details to you, directly from your advert.

What’s more, because Facebook can automatically fill in the prospect’s name, email address and phone number, they don’t need to spend any time thinking about whether they should send it or not.

They just do it. That means you get more leads.

And because you have targeted a very specific market in stage 1 of your ad campaign, you can be highly confident that these leads are of high quality too.

That’s why you should never boost a post

In this article, we’ve mention some quite complex features of the Facebook advertising platform. These features are not available when boosting a post.

It’s the main reason why you should always use Facebook’s business manager platform to plan, run and schedule your advertising.

It’s a complex platform, which is why you should have an expert take care of your social media advertising

How to get going with Facebook Advertising to restaurant owners

The first thing to do when starting Facebook advertising is to decide which segment of your target market you want o target first.

Then decide how you will get them to take action on enquiring on your goods or services.

If you need help putting a plan together, simply get in touch and one of social experts will be in touch straight away.

Online Growth Guru is the UKs No.1 trade and sales generator for food and drink businesses.

Get in touch today here

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