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How to do Blogger Outreach for Local SEO: A Formidable Strategy

Often when I speak to business owners, they think an SEO company is full of technical ‘geeks’ who sit at their computer just building links.

The truth is, it’s never been more important for so called SEOs to get out in the real world and build relationships with other website owners. Meaning you really do have to push that extra bit harder to get people, (or influential bloggers) truly excited about your offerings.

But how do you do that as a food business? One way is to invite them into your business for an extra special experience. And then make sure it benefits your food digital marketing and your SEO for food and bev

So in this post, I’m showing you some simple steps that you can take immediately to start create super-strong relationships with bloggers and other website owners in your industry.

Find something unique to share with bloggers

Every business has expert knowledge that should never be underestimated when it comes to promotion. While you don’t want to be giving away your secret recipes or secret techniques, there’s always something you can share with your customers that will help them prosper or learn. Find out or decide what that is and make it the focus of the next steps.


Create a FREE VIP event

Once you’ve found your special knowledge you can share with your customers, you need to turn it into an event. Usually the best time to hold the event is when your business is closed. Call it going behind the scenes at [your company name].

I’ve even seen some businesses turn their event to a regular occurrence after it became so popular. However, a one-time offering works just as well.

Decide on a date and plan it to last a few hours. Some examples of events you could include:

  • Demonstrations
  • Hands on experiences
  • Presentations

One additional benefit of creating an event is that you give yourself a great opportunity to increase sales while customers are visiting your business as VIPs.

There’s 12 great tips here about creating amazing business events

Invite your customers before reaching out

Hopefully you’ve been collecting email addresses off your regular customers. If not, start now. If you have, great. Draft an email that provides all the information about your event and why they shouldn’t miss out. Tell them which date you will be holding your event don’t forget to remind them it’s free and ask them to register their interest by replying.

Once you have a good number of customers who have registered their interest, send out an email telling the people who didn’t register that it’s fully booked.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, popularity is a great seller, if people think others are going. Chances are they will think they have missed out and sign up for the next event. Secondly, the people who did register will feel much more important.


Now for the SEO Relationship Building

Tell Local bloggers

Fantastic! You officially have an event planned in with your customers. Now it’s time to tell the people who matter. That is anyone who is active online and likely to refer your business on their website – seeking out influential bloggers is a great place to start.

Just do a search in Google for [Your industry] [your city] [Blog]. Here’s an example from Google



Get in touch with the bloggers who regularly update their website and let them know about your event. Say you’d like to invite them down as a VIP into your business.

There are a number of technical ways to find out which websites are the most influential, but it’s beyond the scope of this post.

Ask them if they would like to find out more about your event. If so, give them a call; get the relationship off the ground – maybe even meet up with them for some coffee beforehand. Either way, be sure get yourself and your business on their radar.


Tell National bloggers

 If you can get local bloggers to your event it’s a great start. What’s even better is you can then use the ever-growing popularity of your event to invite bloggers and website owners from even further afield.

Start thinking nationally, by which I mean look for some of the MOST influential people in your industry and find out if they would be interested in coming to your event.

Depending just how influential they are, it may even be worth offering to pay their travel expenses so they can get there for free.

Note you don’t just have to restrict yourself to bloggers, other websites you could engage are ‘things to do’ sites in your local area and/or local journalists. These types of people are always looking for content and will jump at the chance when the right opportunity comes along.

Your email might look something like this:

Hey {Blogger Name},

I’ve been following your blog and really like your content.

We’ve decided to create an event called {EVENT NAME} and would like to invite you down for free.

It might provide you with some great content in relation to {THEIR FAVOURITE SUBJECT} and we may even be able to offer you a few free goodies.

Either way, it ould be great to hear from as I’m really keen to collaborate with you.

Kind regards,
Matt from {COMPANY NAME}


Now for the SEO Link Building

Having completed all the above and successfully delivered your event, you now have an extremely high chance of having a special feature page on their website

So make sure you ask them to post about their day. If you ask, it’s more likely that they will feel obliged to write a blog post about your business. That way they won’t just leave, only to forget about your business.

Tip: During the event take pictures and videos yourself. Then, if the bloggers don’t bring their own, you have some great media files to give to them for their site. The other benefit is you will have some nice content for your blog, which you can then use to promote your website and even any upcoming events.

Remember, there’s nothing better than having backlinks which generate traffic to your website AND that give you a jump up in the search engines too. So get started today.

If you need help implementing this strategy. Get in touch with an SEO Company who should have the expertise to ensure everything is a success. There’s also lots of agencies that offer affordable seo packages for small businesses.




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