How to generate leads online

How to generate B2B leads Online: 7 Dynamite strategies

If you implement these 7 strategies onto your website, I guarantee your enquiries will increase.


The first thing you need to do, if you haven’t already, is look at what your current site conversion performance is.

By that I mean check what your current traffic is against your current number of enquiries from your website. This gives you your conversion rate – read more here about conversion rates

Done that? Great!

Not sure how to? No problem fill out the form on the right (or underneath if you’re on mobile) and let me know.

So let’s dive right in. What’s the first 6 things I look for in a website that’s trying to convert traffic into enquiries.

At the end, I give you a bonus tip which will hook people into wanting to get in touch immediately.

1. Enquiry forms for Lead Generation

Enquiry forms are golden nugget to getting people to enquire about your services.

However, what’s more important is how and where you place your enquiry forms.

Don’t be afraid to ‘over use your lead generation enquiry forms. You never know just when a potential customer who is perusing your site will think –“That’s what I need, I should get in touch”.

And when they do, your enquiry form needs to be right at their fingertips.

This is especially true if you have several pages on your website discussing the different services you have to offer.

A good first rule is to place an enquiry form on the home page just after the user has scrolled down having read a little what your company is about.

It could be too early, but if it is, they will scroll past – not a problem.

Also add an enquiry form to the bottom of any page that explains your services in more detail.


2. Call Back Requests for Lead Generation

I won’t lie. This one is a bit more psychological than anything.


Because it’s simply a way of getting someone to fill out your enquiry forms. It just means that instead of receiving an email – which I would prefer a call anyway – they actually expect your call. Great for your sales people.

It benefits you a lot because the person if the other end will be expecting your call, they are much more likely to want to talk to you.

I’m sure you will understand how satisfying that is if you’re used to making calls to potential customers that don’t know who you are.

Having a call back function somewhere on your site is a create way to get your users to the contact page.


3. Fast Leads with Click to call

This is especially important for mobile phone visitors. Google has shown on average, the number of people using smart phones to browse the web has increased in 2017 to 60%. This is also true for many of the websites I have worked with.

So having a simple call now button is a great way for someone to just give you a call

See here for how to create click to call

4. Generate Leads via your Contact page

Having explained the need to have all of the above, you might be wondering if a contact page now becomes redundant.

The truth is…

Some people come to your website with the desire to just get in touch with you.

So they will first look to the menu at the top of your home page for a link.

Secondly, having your contact page in the main menu of your site, will allow customers to go directly to your contact page from Google. As shown below.

What’s more, when you’re scattering enquiry forms on other pages of your website, you don’t want to overload people with all your company details too. So a simple contact form is a great place to include a map of your location, address telephone number and anything else you wish to share..

Finally, give your contact page a unique title tag in comparison to your other pages on your site. You will generate more traffic from Google too – Bonus!


5. Phone lead generation – displaying your sales contact number

For many B2B businesses you really want to get your prospective customers on the phone.


It allows you to build rapport and convince them to set up a meeting. Then you can find out more about their challenges and where your company might fit into those.

By displaying your number on every page of your website, you give your customers a much better chance of calling you.


6. Email leads from clickable address

Placing your email address across your website and making it clickable will allow the user to automatically open their email account and start typing.

Here’s more on how to create an email link in html so your visitors can click it when they see it.


7. First time visit voucher (A hook)

This works fantastic as a hook to get people to contact you straight away. Especially if you put a time limit on it.

This works well if you offer a product or service that has a specific price and you want to acquire new customers. Add a downloadable discount voucher to save them money on their first purchase.

Online Growth Guru helped implement this strategy for one of our food digital marketing clients

Put a visual of the voucher on the website so it’s more appealing, then link to the voucher in a PDF format.

If you find people are downloading the voucher but not getting in touch, try asking for their email. Then you can contact them.

Don’t forget – you should install a download counter on your website. If you operate a WordPress site, you can find it here.


So there you have it, 7 super quick things you can do to generate more leads and increase conversions on your website.

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