What is an SEO Agency & How to choose an SEO Agency

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Have you spent thousands on a website which needs to pay the business back?

The answer is SEO. It’s the best way of getting your target market, from Google, to your website at the exact time they need your product or service.

You could be at the top of Google and be getting lots of traffic but the sales just don’t convert.

The best rankings are the ones that are easy to generate traffic from AND can convert traffic into sales.

Another thing you should look out for is whether the company talks about

  1. Quality
  2. Quantity

As with anything in business you should most definitely be choosing quality over quantity.

For example, Online Growth Guru’s ability to obtain a backlink on the NHS website for one of our clients proved far more effective than trying to register in 1,000 directories that have no meaning to the industry in which they operate.

Does your business have expert product knowledge?

Do your customers ask lots of questions before buying your products? Are you an expert in your field?

If the answer is yes, then you need to act, here’s why…

Your customers type these questions into Google every day. Get your website in front of your target market instantly. Even better, work with us to target highly popular and low competition searches.

If you struggle to get your knowledge into a format that sells, you should work with us. Even better, work with us to target highly popular and low competition searches.


Setting goals that make your SEO pay

Setting your SMART goals when investing in SEO is important. Achieving those goals is even more important. Once you’ve received your free growth potential audit, you will find it easy to set realistic goals. We stay committed to these goals to ensure your investment is returned, in terms of traffic, leads and sales.


Why you don’t need any technical knowledge

Some business owners want to understand SEO, others want results. Either way, if you want a more profitable website. One that is stress-free and works on auto-pilot, now is the time to act.

Furthermore, if you run a business that works fast and needs to deliver quickly and effectively, then you’re in the right place.

Work with a dedicated expert to help your business with all its struggles and get immediate answers to challenging questions. Such as, how do I generate traffic? And, how many websites do I need?

Get logical explanations, that make perfect business sense and put focus on your sales growth over the short and long-term.


Are you an in-house digital expert who needs more help?

Even if you already have an in-house digital team, getting short term help from an agency is a flexible way of delivering long-term results without the long-term costs.

Maintain control of your in-house strategy while receiving clear technical reccommendation.

Extend your SEO team today and achieve faster results.


Why you shouldn’t contact us about SEO…

If you believe there’s a secret sauce and want overnight success, then you’re better choosing an SEO company that promises to get you to the top of Google in a week. Yes, it’s fun for short-term businesses models, but remember that your website will drop out of the rankings completely after 6-12 months.

That’s not us!

What will your s

Which SEO Company should you Choose?

Your decision will often be based on your gut instinct.

Spread your search far and wide. You don’t necessarily need a company that’s on your doorstep. But it‘s usually better for communication.

It’s not uncommon to have tri-monthly strategy review meetings when undertaking this type of project.

So anywhere outside of a 2 hour drive between yourself and your chosen company could be a hindrance to your progression.


SEO is an important aspect when creating the foundations of a long term digital marketing strategy. You could segregate each part of your digital strategy to individual specialists or have one Digital Marketing agency carry out your full services.

Often we recommend the latter if it’s possible because the key to success is to have everything working in tandem.


SEO stands for search engine optimisation. However, we like to think it as building strong, lasting business relationships with other website owners who are willing to refer your business.

It’s important that you don’t just choose an ‘SEO consultant’ who claims to be a link-builder or get you to the top of page 1 in Google for a single keyword – they probably won’t.

Online Growth Guru has been building relationships online for 12 years and can certainly use them to help grow your business.

So if you want to get these in place. Simply get in touch using the form below


Do I need an SEO Agency or will a Freelancer be better?

Of course, the choice is yours but here’s some food for thought.

An agency is all but guaranteed to be more expensive.

However, they probably also have a number of experts to go alongside the SEO campaign.

The most important thing whether using a freelancer, medium sized company or an agency is that you have a focused individual who will spend time getting to know your products and industry.

Does the agency need to be near me?

With the technology we have today, your chosen agency could essentially be based anywhere in the world. However, don’t be afraid of checking out the local SEO talent first.

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