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Online Growth Guru is regarded as one of the best SEO services in the whole of Manchester and is expanding rapidly into Liverpool an Birmingham, and the surrounding areas.

We are driven by business values and have the technical know how to grow your website in the search engines. All the search engines, not just Google or Bing.

But how do you make that crucial decision about what SEO agency to work with. Below are a few things to think about when making that all important decision.

SEO Company Manchester
SEO Agency Manchester

How to choose an SEO company

The first thing to be mindful of is how business driven your SEO agency are.

Do they talk about improving your rankings to the first page of Google?

Or do they talk about traffic and sales?

You want to be looking for the latter.


Because the truth is, you could be on the front page of Google for an unpopular keyword and it may not even generate traffic to your site.

Even worse…


You could be at the top of Google and be getting lots of traffic but the sales just don’t convert.

The best rankings are the ones that are easy to generate traffic from AND can convert traffic into sales.

Another thing you should look out for is whether the company talks about

  1. Quality
  2. Quantity

As with anything in business you should most definitely be choosing quality over quantity.

For example, Online Growth Guru’s ability to obtain a backlink on the NHS website for one of our clients proved far more effective than trying to register in 1,000 directories that have no meaning to the industry in which they operate.

Which SEO Company should you Choose?

Your decision will often be based on your gut instinct.

Spread your search far and wide. You don’t necessarily need a company that’s on your doorstep. But it‘s usually better for communication.

It’s not uncommon to have tri-monthly strategy review meetings when undertaking this type of project.

So anywhere outside of a 2 hour drive between yourself and your chosen company could be a hindrance to your progression.



Do I need an Agency or will a freelancer be better?

Of course, the choice is yours but here’s some food for thought.

An agency is all but guaranteed to be more expensive.

However, they probably also have a number of experts to go alongside the SEO campaign.

The most important thing whether using a freelancer, medium sized company or an agency is that you have a focused individual who will spend time getting to know your products and industry.



Does the agency need to be near me?

With the technology we have today, your chosen agency could essentially be based anywhere in the world. However, don’t be afraid of checking out the local SEO talent first.


How Online Growth Guru’s SEO Campaigns Work

Bearing all the above in mind, here’s how we fulfil our SEO services at Online Growth Guru.

Firstly, we will work tirelessly to understand your products, services and target markets.

We will also do a thorough investigation into what makes your customers buy as well as who in your industry is active online. We even find out what stops your customers from buying your products.

Then we build strong relationships across the website so you can get referred by them. Therefore generating referral traffic as well as a nice bump up in the search engines.

The best way to explain it is with a case study

A real-life SEO Case Study

One of the key factors when growing your website in the search engines is the number of relationships you can build with like minded website owners.

For example if you website is about coffee, you need to be on the look out for coffee bloggers


Before thinking you need to dive straight in and hire an agency. Use the form below to find out if there are any quick wins you might be able to do. You will get an immediate report and your email will be deleted as soon as you receive the report.

So you don’t have to worry about receiving any further unwanted comms from us (unless of course you want to)


Here’s a few questions you might be asking yourself about SEO:

Are keywords important for SEO?

Yes, keywords are important. But not as much as user experience. It’s also important to structure your web page in a way that doesn’t compromise traffic opportunities.

Have a read of this post to find out exactly how to put a solid foundation

What are SEO Techniques

What are SEO Backlinks


How does SEO help in digital Marketing


SEO is an important aspect when creating the foundations of a long term digital marketing strategy. You may wish to segregate each part of your digital strategy to individual specialists or have one Digital Marketing company carry out your full services.