We’re an online growth agency based in Manchester who puts a lot of focus on your content marketing strategy. From producing to promoting content. We aim to get referrals (or backlinks) to your website from the best in your industry.

Before you get in touch with us, read below to find out how content marketing can work for you and your business.

A true story about content marketing

We were consulting with a coffee company who wanted to get to the top of Fresh Coffee in Google.

This is a hugely competitive keyword. We’re there now, but it didn’t happen overnight and we used a certain content marketing technique to do it.

We did some deep keyword research to find out if there were popular search queries being typed into Google.

We found that a frequent search was “best coffee for …“

So we wrote a post called “Best coffee for V60 brewing method”. Within 5 days it was on the front page of Google. Within a few weeks it was fluctuating between rank No.1 and rank No.3.

10 more visits a day at the click of a button.

Do this 10 times and you’re website is racking up 100 visits per day.

What is a content marketing strategy?

Content marketing is the concept of building more pages on your website to attract visitors who are interested in your knowledge.

It’s informative, engaging and sometimes entertaining. Over time, this generates interest in your company and increases leads and/or sales. Your company becomes a known expert in your field.

There’s a lot more to content marketing than meets the eye. It’s not just about telling people how many products you have or how great your new
products will be.

It’s about capturing prospective customers at all points in their buying funnel, from curiosity research to ultimately helping them make their final decision to buy YOUR products.

Some products have long buying cycles e.g., cars. Whereas others have extremely short buying cycles e.g. chocolate bars. How long is you’re buying cycle and are you capturing your customers at every point in their journey?

Once we know who your customers are and their interests, we can capture them at just the right moment.

And we do it by using well researched and thought out content techniques that will catapult you to the top of Google.

Content for content sake – That’s not our strategy

It’s impossible keep count of the number of times we come across businesses who have been told to write lots of content.

The problem is, their content is not generating any visits to their website because they haven’t put enough thought into the promotion of their pages.

It’s sooo much better to have 1 blog post receive 5,000 visits than have 50 blog posts receiving zero visits.

So it’s important to work out what people are typing into Google and target those words with the fresh regularly updated content on your website – SIMPLE.

It does also take coding knowledge but I’ll steer clear of jargon for now. Let Online Growth Guru handle it.

Why your titles matter in a content strategy

Many business owners believe they need to be at the top of Google for one keyword.

To put it bluntly – not true!

80% of searches in google use long term key word searches,

Here’s an example

Business Analyst is type in a lot

But so is:

How to become a business analyst

What is a business analyst?

What does a business analyst do?

We will find out which long term keywords people are searching for in your industry. Once we’ve found them, we will work to create a fantastic article that people can find and use to resolve their problems. Not only that, we will create a sales funnel that grows your business.

The result?

More traffic, more interested customers, more sales – BOOM

How long should my content be?

Many ‘experts claim they know exactly how long content should be for it to generate visits.

The truth is, there’s no golden rule.

But if you’re writing for a product page – yes, this includes B2B products or services too – a solid 800 words is a good ball park. Not only does it allow you to create a few sub headings – just as you would in Microsoft Word, but it also allows us to provide a more detailed explanation for the

On the other hand, pages with over 3,000 words have been proven to work fantastic in shooting to the front pages of Google.

Remember though, there are 200 google ranking factors to take into account for search. So just writing 3,000 words alone won’t get you to number one

Building long-term trust through content marketing is the pinnacle of success.

The bottom line is…

It could be different for your industry depending on what your competitors are doing, so let’s work together to define the best content marketing approach for your business.