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Online Growth Guru is your experienced business consultant who ensures growth using innovation and technology. We use skilled analytics to turn data into opportunities everyday.

Managing & Increasing Leads

You could monitor LEADS in two key ways:

  • Traffic to your website
  • Enquiries from your website

Both are important to succeeding online.

The latter is important if you are selling Business 2 Business.

A number of tools are available for monitoring returns on investment in terms of Leads. Here’s the main one:

Google Analytics – probably the most important tool in the history of the web.

Do you know your current No. of leads?

If not, now is the time to work it out.

Once you have calculated your current leads, you can then begin to forecast where you can get to over the next 12 months. And maybe even the next 5 years at a very high level.

When forecasting though, you need to decide how much website marketing activity you will do as that is the biggest impact to sales out of anything.

If you do zero marketing, your leads will, at best, remain the same. But will probably drop.

If you do work towards marketing your website, your leads will undoubtedly increase (hopefully).

Let our vast experience of providing website management services help you manage, determine and forecast your leads – for FREE.


Managing & increasing conversions

How do you calculate your conversions rate?

It should be written like this:

No. of SALES as a percentage of LEADS.

For example if your current no. of leads is 100 per month

And the number  of sales is 10 per month.

Your conversion rate is 10%.

Just a slight increase in conversion rate and you could be doubling your turnover in no time.

This is where we look to take your business to the next level.


Managing & increasing your average sale

Increasing how much each customer spends when they make a purchase will have an immediate impact on your bottom line.

So you always need to be thinking about how you can increase your average order value each time someone visits your site (or your business)

Online Growth Guru has over 12 years of pro-actively managing and improving websites to ensure you can increase your average order value.

Increase Profit Margins for Business Growth

Growing a website requires a continuous cycle of strong marketing activities. But you can’t promote everything at once.

The best thing to do is start with your highest margin products. That is where you will gain the most opportunity.

Let Online Growth Guru create a strategy for you that maximises you profit margins through online selling.


Putting all these together…

A Balanced Management Service with Maximum Impact

By working on all the above simultaneously, you can have a huge impact on your bottom line profits within your business. The caption below shows that you can actually increase profits by more than 50% when you increase each of the 5 money metrics by just 10%. Do you have an online marketing strategy that balances your efforts across the money metrics?

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